Nutrition and IBD for Dietitians
Nutrition and IBD for Dietitians

Nutrition and IBD for Dietitians

  • Duration 15h
  • Last Update September 28, 2020


For patients with inflammatory bowel disease, proper nutritional care can be life-changing – and even lifesaving.

Conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can make it hard to properly ingest, digest, and absorb food and water. Because of this, they need to be managed carefully to keep patients as healthy as possible, and to prevent or alleviate nutrition-related complications like malnutrition and obstruction.

After completing this course, you will walk away with a greater understanding of the role of nutritional care in IBD, as well as a deeper insight into the science behind IBD pathophysiology and treatment.

Nutrition and IBD for Dietitians is designed to provide you with IBD-specific knowledge that you can apply in your practice as a dietitian.

It can be counted towards 15 CPD hours. 

(Course accessible for one year following enrolment – price inclusive of GST)

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Understand the biological processes behind the development and presentation of IBD
  • Explore the diagnosis and treatment of IBD, including medical, surgical, and nutritional strategies
  • Apply this insight to the dietetic management of IBD patients, both throughout the patient journey and in a variety of disease contexts
  • Identify and reflect on the different nutritional therapies used to treat inflammation, complications, and symptoms
  • Apply knowledge of the biology, diagnosis, and treatment of coeliac disease to its dietetic management

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The GutSmart Team would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their generous contributions to this course:

  • Elizabeth Purcell, AdvAPD
  • Dr Emma Halmos, PhD, APD
  • Jessica Moon, APD
  • Dr Darcy Holt, MD

Topics for this course

65 Lessons15h

Module 1 – Introducing IBD

Module 1: Introduction
Introduction to IBD1:36
Knowledge check 1.1
Aetiology (continued)
Knowledge check 1.2
Pathophysiology (continued)
Knowledge check 1.3
Complications (continued)
Knowledge check 1.4
The role of the dietitian
Reflection 1.1
Module 1: Final quiz

Module 2 – Diagnosis And Treatment

Module 3 – Nutritional care

Module 4 – Surgical management

Module 5 – Intestinal failure

Module 6 – Coeliac Disease